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Step Aside - Students Lead
Friday, January 27, 2006
Ore : 10:20 a.m.

Step Aside
One student each day is the class scribe. This is worth 5% of their class mark (like a participation mark), everyone who writes a scribe post gets their marks -- non-blogging students don't (it's their choice).

The Mechanics
The Assignment
The Scribe List

The Evolution
First Scribe
Later(?) Scribe
The Editor's Initiative
The Scribe Post Hall of Fame
Scribers Guide to Scribing
   Pre-Cal 40S students speak
   Applied Math 40S students speak

The Benefits
  • medical school paradigm, deep thinking
  • the textbook
  • insight and focused feedback
  • responsibility, ownership, high expectations, sense of community
  • when they're away

More details about The Scribe Post.
More details about The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame here, and here.
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