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A Position of Strength - Issues...
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Ore : 10:32 p.m.

A Position of Strength
The position where one leg is slightly flexed with the foot completely on the ground and the other leg is elongated with the heel off the ground is perhaps the one most likely to be in use most of the time while dancing. Should somebody enter the room and take a still photograph of that position, it would be impossible to guess whether the dancer is in the process of stepping forward, stepping backwards, or in the middle of a left or right hand turn.
A Position of Strength
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  5. The Conversation Continues ...
    Wesley Fryer hosted a Skypecast on July 11, 2006 with over 20 different teachers from all over the world. The topic was The Pros and Cons of Educational Blogging Options. They "discussed issues of content control, both with student writing (how grammatically correct it should be or permitted NOT to be), how open commenting can positively affect student motivation to write and write well, what happens to classroom blogs at the end of the year, if teachers should introduce students to other social networking environments beyond a protected classroom blog, what blogging tool might be best to start with, and more." Well worth a listen (1 hr 35 min 39 sec). They also started a wiki to support the ongoing conversation.
Pablo Pugliese:
"the Tango begins with the posture and finishes in the legs". There is an anatomical and a psychological reason for paying attention to posture. From an anatomical point of view, finding a comfortable embrace helps the enjoyment of the dance.

The psychological aspect involves a positive winning attitude. The dancers must believe they are the best they can be.
(more details here.)
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