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What if your blog was gone?
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Ore : 8:53 p.m.

Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.
~William Stafford
Let's say you develop a well entrenched Online Learning Environment (OLÉ!) for your classes .... then one day .... the blog is gone ....

That's exactly what happened to Konrad Glogowski and he wrote about it in a post on his blog called Tools Interiorized.

The reactions of Konrad's students were remarkable. I asked my students to respond to these two questions:
      »Is our classroom blog valuable to you? If yes, how so?
      »How would you feel if our blog suddenly went offline and couldn't be recovered?

They left their answers in the comments to this post .....

(Thank you to all my students who volunteered to help out with this. And don't worry, our blogs are safe and they're not going offline.)

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Comments for What if your blog was gone?
Our classroom blog is a REALLY big part of my studying. For one if i don't understand what happened in class one day and just read over the scribe post thoroughly. It helps me understand part of the concept and from there I am able to figure out the rest of the concept. To make a long story short, it's like having a Mr. K at home but it's not only him helping me. It's the whole class.

If our blog went offline i'd be really frustrated and annoyed. For one because we've worked so hard on it for the past 4 months, and that hard work helped a lot of people across the world as well as ourselves.

Hello to all of you teachers being taught about teaching with blogs. (if you can get your head around that, thats great). The classroom blog is really beneficial to me, as an individual. If I miss a class, I can easily access the lesson from the comfort of my own home, and then find out what homework was assigned, and complete it, so I am all caught up for the next class. It's like, a "virtual textbook". It's good to use as a study tool, especially using the del.icio.us accounts (ask Mr.K if he has not explained this to you). I can "tag" any site that I think is useful for a certain math unit, and then others can access it as well. In turn, if one of my classmates finds a useful site, I can access it as well. We not only learn from Mr.K in class, but we also learn from each other in the "chatbox". Conversations about what the homework was, or how to do a certain problem, and it's really great. If the blog were to go offline, I would be really out of luck, and I wouldn't know what to do. I think there would be a HUGE decrease in my marks, because I wouldn't learn as much, or as well as I do with the blog. At first, the blog was really confusing for me, because I had never learned like that before. It took some getting used to, but I am glad I stuck with it, because now, I can't live without it. Good luck in your learning!

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Malandrakis, if you read this, I would SERIOUSLY consider using a blog to teach your students next semester, because I will be in your class! I need the blog to survive! haha.

I will start of by saying that at first, I was a bit reluctant towards blogging. I didn't understand what a blog was going to do for us but almost immedietely after getting signed up, I understood what a useful tool the blog was. How many times do students go home and need help? The blog helps students voice what they understand and what they don't and also gets the class to come together to help each other out. The possibilities of a blog are infinate.

The thought of our blog going offline is something I don't even want to imagine. It would be so much harder to get through the class and the frustrations would be endless. Blogs are wonderful tools that are as good as you make them. I'm incredibly happy we have a blog and I only wish that all my other classes had blogs.

When Mr. K. first told us about the blog I was confused on why we needed it and if we could even get anything out of it. I now know that the classroom blog is very valuable to me. It is valuable to me because each time I read a scribe post I feel more confident in myself when I do my homework because sometimes Mr. K. goes a little too fast and I can keep on reading a certain scribe post until I understand what I have read. Not only that, but the links Mr. K. puts up for us to do online quizzes helps me study for upcoming tests. When I make a scribe post I take my time so that it doesn't only benefit me but it benefits others as well so they have a better grasp on what we are learning. So, the blog is very valuable!

If the blog went offline and it couldn't be recovered I'd be upset because the blog helps me study. It also helps me to get a better understanding on certain concepts and I don't think I would be able to do well on tests. Using this blog doesn't only help me learn math, it also gives me the chance to interact with the other students in the class and see their view on what is going on. I think that blogs could benefit anyone as long as the put the time and effort in what they write in the blog.

As for me, I'm not very fond of changes and I still haven‘t changed. The year before I had Mr. K as one of my teachers. He only introduced the blog to his precal 40s class, not to his calculus class. This year he made a blog for each and every one of his classes. Including calculus. Like what I said in the beginning I'm not fond of changes. Taking calculus the second time and this time having blogs introduced to us made me realize many things. Not everyone is the same. Lol. I guess what I meant is not everyone's enthusiasm or eager for learning will show on the surface. Having the blog, it helps a 'quiet' person voice out their opinion on particular topics. Now instead of having to learn from same students who likes to voice out their opinion in class all the time, the blog links everyone together. From there, we students all learn from each other. It’s like a teacher’s dream come true, having ALL their students participate in their class, whether online or in class itself. =D

If our blog went offline, to me it would feel like having our very own textbooks get burned. The only difference is the blog was our own written work. Work that is written in our very own student language, one that we could understand more at ease than what a textbook would say. Not only would it be disappointing but sad that all those hard work put into that one blog is lost forever.

You probably wouldn't beleive how valuable the blog is to me. In the beginning I dreaded the idea that a teacher could assign work at any time and any moment... But the idea grew on me and now is probably the best learning tool that I have ever used! The thing that I find most useful is the links to the resources, the quizzes, the step-by-step instuctions and so on and so forth. There is no way my mark would be as good as it is without the blog. It has helped me with the "learning curve" greatly. If I'm having trouble with anything I just logon and flip to the scribe post. This is also another great attribute. It is the class lesson from the viewpoint of a person that has the same viewpoint as me. That clears up a lot of concepts because it is explained in another manner.

If this blog just disappeared off the face of the net I would be seriously agrivated. It would be like coming home and seeing the window pain smashed, things missing, it would be like someone robbed me. In my own opinion as I said in the beginning, this is the best learning tool!

Hmm.. first of all, I thought that the idea of blogging was really good, especially the "scribe" idea. It comes useful when you miss a class due to some circumstances (e.g. sickness). Instead of wondering what happened last class and lagging in class, you could just go instead at the class blog and read about what the scribe had written for the day's class. And it also helps when doing homework too. You could post up the question that you need help with in the chatbox and people in the class will help you and also Mr. K himself. Another thing too, as Mr. K said, our blog has become our "textbook", and we could find the previous posts really helpful for reviewing for exams and test.

If our blog went offline.. *shudder*.. I try not to think of it. But what if it actually happened? I would be angry and upset. Those posts were all helpful, not just to us, but to the people across the world who happen to be reading our blog. And those quizzes and scribe posts that we posted, if they are gone, reviewing is going to be a whole lot different since I usually read some of the posts for review and also, everyone in our class uses those quizzes that Mr. K posted and some of the del.icio.us stuff that our classmates found in the Internet.

Well as for me, our blog has been a great help because when i miss one or two days in class, all i have to do is look at the scribe post and i am already caught up. Also, being the scribe is a big opportunity to me to show how i understand the lesson for that day. And with the editorial stuff, anyone can just help me edit my work if i have done any mistake. The blog is more like a study group for me and if the blog went offline, i would be really upset because the online textbook (our classroom blog) that helps me study and understand the lessons, and all the effort and time that we spent on it will be all gone.

Hey, well to answer these two important questions. Yeah our blog is a huge help to me in the process of learning math. It is always there, (if a computer is available) making it easy for me to quickly and efficently get the help I need. If our blog was to ever go off line I would be frustrated as well as devasted. So much time and effort has been put into this blog by the students and especially Mr.K with all the add-ons he has created on our blog. I think I would also feel very pressured because all the information that was once so readily there would just be gone, poof, kazamm! I would feel as if I wouldn't be learning as well as I am able to right now because of this blog or ours. So yeah, ciao.

Honestly at first i wasn't too sure about having a blog because i thought wow, more work but as our class got into it i realized it helped me and other students learn in a different way. With having an online blog and being able to interact with other students really helps a lot. If we weren't able to understand what happened in class one day we are certain that we will be able to catch up on work we missed or the lesson learned by reading the scribe posts or by doing extra quizzes to be ready for big tests.

If our blog went offline i'd be disappointed because we've put in some much effort for eachother to help one another with problems we are having in class and this was one place where we knew we could get more help. It wouldn't just disappoint our class but all the other people from different places that come to our blog to get help.

My Classroom blog is a really big part of my life. Without it. I’d be lost in math and that’s really true. Sometimes in class. I kind of lose my focus when Mr. K is teaching. Especially when it’s something I already learned in the past. So I read the blog to get me up to speed on the class. Especially if I missed a class. “I never miss a class” But usually I use the blog for a resource of my class on the web. If you look at it Quote Mr. K. “You’re writing the text book for the course” And that is true. Everything I read on the blog has helped me in some ways. Weather it’s a Scribe post that taught me something that I didn’t catch in class or a Reflection before the test that just ultimately says, “Good luck guys you’ll need it.” It gave me my hope to do well on a test. And to study as much as possible. I have friends that I can only talk to on the blog. And I have to help them too. For example my post. Bloggers’ R’ Us has helped allot of my fellow students on the blog learn blogger. In summary of this the blog has become the most important resource of all, more than anything you can find on the internet today. It really helps me and my fellow classmates.

Well if the blog went offline and couldn’t be recovered… I’d cry. Literally. Because I know I would be probably be failing math right now without the blog. Then I’d probably would be in utter shock and just drop the course thinking that there is no way I can do this without the blog. To be honest I have become totally dependent on the blog as a resource on mathematics. It will just make me lose all hope on passing this course in the first place. Everyone else I know that contributes to the blog too would probably feel the same. It’s as if their hopes and dreams were crushed because the blog is gone. Well what I am trying to say is that the blog disappeared then I wouldn’t take PreCal anymore.

- Malcolm

Our classroom's blogsite has been really helpful to me. If I was stuck on the homework or I didn't get what was being taught, I could go to our blogsite and read over scribe posts for that day to see what I might have been doing wrong. I can also ask for help on the chatbox if someones on it too. Trust me, I get stuck a lot so I'm on the blog almost on a daily basis.

If the blog went offline and we couldn't get all the information back, I might have taken it serious enough to go to Blog's business building and tell them personally to fix it. But then again thats a little extreme even for me. I'd be pretty angry because our site has the opinions and thoughts of what every person in our class has to say and anyone could use what we have to say about the work and put it to use for themselves. We're writing a textbook as Mr.K has said and it could be a bestseller someday who knows.

This blog has been a great experience for me. It has helped me get help outside of class time (communicating w/ our teacher and reading the classes posts). I have found it a great way to study before a test also. I just simply go to the exact concept or detail that I don't understand and read it over. Usually there are examples so I try to do those. It's a great idea Mr. K., thanks!

If our Blog went offline, I would be very disappointed. I think it would make the course a lot harder. As well, the class wouldn't be participating like they are now, and it would just be another boring Pre-Cal 30s course...

To the teachers taking this class, Good job and i hope you pass this great method of learning on to your classes.

At the beginning of the year Mr. K mentioned to us about starting our own blog and having a different scribe write a post of what we covered in class each day, at first I kind of hesitated in doing it because I wasn’t to sure of the whole idea, but as time went by I finally realized that it actually did help ME and my fellow classmates out a lot, especially on days when I was either confused about a certain concept or had missed a class. Overall I would have to say that this blog is very valuable to me, it has helped me out a lot.

And say if our blog did suddenly go offline and couldn’t be recovered, I would be very aggravated and devastated about the whole thing. Reasons being that not only did I put a lot of effort into my posts but so did my other fellow classmates; we’ve all worked so hard on making our posts. The time and effort that was put into it is quit amazing because not only did it help our class out, but it also helped many other people who’ve seen our posts around the world.

Wow! i see that there is long comments here...

well, our blog is valuable because it is so good and better! ;) you see if someday it happened that you didn't get something and your kind of don't want to (i mean being lazy) go and ask the teacher or for whatever reason and in the blog you can check everything that happened in the class, and of course with the Chatbox everyone is free to ask questions and other students are helping too! this opportunity is not happening in the class so much so it is so good to have a blog! and the links have been so helpful specially when one time mr. k put some videos of how to factor equations and stuff. that was cool...
anyway, in the blog you can express your ideas and opinions about some subject or issue about math and most of the time you can learn new ways of solving a problem or understanding what the questions asks for!

hhh aaa! what a shockk!
if our blog went offline...i would think that all our effort and experiences and understanding and all the lessons which were written in our blog is gone and that our hard work was wasted...it is kind of hard though, if you wanna go over something and suddenly...gone!
well, it is good our blog is safe :D


Our Blog is really helpful not only to me but I think to our whole class including Mr. Kuropatwa because it's like having our own textbook and it's free and this blog helps us also to know our classmates well and also if ever we missed some class we can now catch up with others because of the "Scribe Post" this blog is also a good reference tool now that we have the delicous thing we can now look at other web sites that can help us to unbderstand more deeply some topics also through this blog we can show our ideas to others. This blog post is like an extended class because almost everyone in our class is involve even the teacher.It's a good use of resources like the internet that I believe almost all of people here in Canada now have.

If the blog went offline that will be a BIG disappointment for all of us imagine the things we've lost.

WOW! The comments here are super long!

Firstly, I would like to put out some things that I personally think about when the focus is on our blog.

Long ago, before who would have thought about a blogspot for learning, didn't teachers and students have success without? I personally find the blogspot useful during certain periods of time; when I don't remember what is for homework, when I'm stuck and need some help, and or when I'm unprepared for an oncoming test. Otherwise, if the our blog went down, It wouldn't really put a dent in me. I don't enjoy relying on things way too much. It would just go back to normal with old time studying and find out yourself methods until tomorrow.

Now that that is clear and out of my mind, I must say that a blog can and is greatly enhancing learning for students! The most important point of a Online Learning Enviroment is communication between the class and the teacher.

For one, it helps students such as I because number 1, scribe posts can quickly update you on anything that you've missed if you were sick or anything related to that. Next to updating, im sure that lots of people forget what's for homework, so that fills them in aswell.

Secondly, you can ask for help in the local chat box on things that you are confused about etc.

Thirdly, you can use the new added del.icio.us box which is filled with sites found by students to help other students in their process of learning.

Fourth, I find that it greatly helps the teacher (Mr. K) find out what he needs to slow down on if the class is confused or doesnt understand because I greatly dislike seeing friends do poorly on tests because they simply didn't understand to a full extent.

Finally, what I find most helpful about our blog is when Mr. K puts up practice quizzes up before the coming unit test. That has saved me many times when I really felt like I needed more practice. I really find that most helpful (personally).

So, like Mr. K says, we are writing our own textbook so our blogspot and posts can only get better. I really believe that our blog improves learning greatly.

Are classroom blog is very important to me,because of all the things that go on it.It's really helpful to know that if I get stuck on something that I can go to the blog and read that scribe post for that day and see the information that I need to clear up whatever I am having problem with on the homework.I can use the mini quizes to prepare for the test as well.

If our classroom blog went offline and was no longer accessible I think that I would be lost,because I go on it everyday. If it was gone I thnik that the class would be every frustrating and very hard since our online textbook would be gone and that if you miss a day you would be behind and confused.You couldn't ask your peers for help when you just don't understand since everyone is more open on the blog. Well I'm happy since Mr.K said that our blog was safe and that what happened to the class in Ontario would happened to us.I could never imagine what our class would be like without our blog.


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