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New Views in Education
Monday, January 30, 2006
Ore : 8:40 a.m.

New views in education are adding pressure for course reformation. This chart details some of the transitions instructors are making with regards to learning (changes that are much more difficult to accommodate in a course model, than in a community model):

Lecturing on factual information

Working as an individual

Teacher was the primary source of knowledge

Teacher and print media served as the primary means of communication

Learning was separated from the rest of the community
Guiding, motivating, and facilitating

Valuing working together

Many rich sources of immediate knowledge

Learning using a vast variety of media including the Internet

Learning now occurs globally

(Gubbins, Clay, & Perkins, 1999: source)

Nicholas Negroponte describes his $100 laptop initiative as being motivated by three basic principles:
  1. Use technology to learn learning, not to learn something
  2. Teaching is one but not the only way to achieve learning
  3. Leverage children themselves: bring them more into the equation to do part of the teaching (peer to peer, peer to teacher)

It's not about the technology ... it's about the pedagogy these new technologies facilitate.

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